Julie Ann is an ideal public relations professional because she doesn’t inundate you with specious story ideas; she and keeps her pitches to just what a journalist would want: the reason the story is valid (and most often it is!).  And she is a perfect follow-up person, who gets back to you with answers to your questions rapidly and thoroughly.

Dan Berger, Vintage Wine Experiences, syndicated columnist


Julie Ann Kodmur is one of the rare pr people I really like to hear from at the Napa Valley Register. She’s a pro who understands the quirky world of journalism. It’s simply a great pleasure to work with her.

Sasha Paulsen, Napa Valley Register


Julie Ann is a tenacious advocate for her clients and works with empathy, creativity and a sense of humor.

Rebecca Robinson, Executive Director, ZAP—Zinfandel Advocates & Producers


If you’re looking for someone to help you promote your wines with the straightforward elegance and class that they deserve, you can stop clicking around the web and start selling with Julie Ann!

Rich Cook, WineWiseWeb.com

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